Schlittler & CO. AG, in order to be able to provide its services on the website according to the customer's requirements and is able to make them available, it is dependent on collecting and processing user data. How this is done is communicated subsequently. For further information please contact Schlittler & CO. AG via the e-mail address
In general, Schlittler & CO. AG uses user data confidentially and in compliance with the principles of the Swiss Data Protection Act (DSG).

1. Which user data are collected?
Personal information is collected when users register or via the website when user are communicating with Schlittler & CO. AG. When registering and communicating via forms, the users of Schlittler & CO. AG are asked for their name, e-mail address and other personal information.
When users communicate with Schlittler & CO. AG, a digital copy of the corresponding correspondence is kept.
It also automatically collects information from the log files. However, no conclusions to the person are drawn from information. The information is used exclusively in an anonymous form for statistics on the use of the website

2. For what purpose are user data collected?
Schlittler & CO. AG collects user data for the handling of business and other communication via the website, in particular for identification, delivery of products and for billing.
Schlittler & CO. AG also collects user data in order to be able to make its offers customer-oriented and appropriate, in particular also content adapted to the interests of the users.
Schlittler & CO. AG also collects user data for marketing purposes. This applies in particular to the e-mail address used by the user from time to time by Schlittler & CO. AG. Schlittler & CO. AG will deal with the contacting withcaution. If the user disagrees with this, he / she can use the procedure within the framework of the opt-out function in the corresponding e-mails or by e-mail to

2.1 Data we collect when you interact with our web site
We use cookies and other tracking technologies that collect certain types of information when you interact with our web site.
3. What data are passed on to third parties and for what purposes?
Schlittler & CO. AG uses user data within the Schlittler & CO. AG Group, however, only passes on user data to third parties if this is absolutely necessary for the performance of its obligations in connection with this website or if it is obliged by law to do so.
With this necessary transfer of user data to third parties, Schlittler & CO. AG, obliges the beneficiaries to comply with the data protection principles of the DSG.

4. What information, correction, updating and deletion options are available to the user?
According to Art. 8 DSG, users can obtain information about data that Schlittler & CO. AG is storing. Corresponding applications are to be addressed to the following address According to the instructions of the Federal Data Protection Supervisor, a copy of a passport or an identity card of the applicant must be submitted to the application.
Schlittler & CO. AG, data protection, Franzosenstrasse 76, 6423 Seewen
Schlittler & CO. AG reserves the right to charge an appropriate participation in the resulting processing costs for the distribution of the information if the requested person has already been informed of the requested information in the twelve months before the application and no suspicious interest in a new information distribution can be proved and / or if the distribution of information is associated with a particularly large workload.
Each user can edit their account information at any time using their login and password.
In the case of problems and for the closure of the account, the users turn to the e-mail address

5. Contact
For questions regarding their data processing policy, users can contact Schlittler & CO. AG

Seewen, 01 January 2018

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