General Terms and Conditions

1. Validity of the GTC

These general terms and conditions (GTC) apply to all orders and / or services via the webshop (, hereinafter referred to as "Schlittler Webshop") of Schlittler & CO. AG, Franzosenstrasse 76, 6423 Seewen.
The terms and conditions currently online on the SCHLITTLER Webshop at the time of access, the order of goods or the order or provision of a service are always valid.
Subject to change without notice.

2. Contracting territory

SCHLITTLER & CO. AG accepts orders from all over the world through the SCHLITTLER webshop.

3. Prices

All prices are indicated in CHF, EUR or USD and do not include VAT.

4. Conclusion of contract

All information on goods, services and prices on the homepage of the SCHLITTLER Webshop are free and non-binding. By ordering through the SCHLITTLER Webshop, the customer accepts a binding offer. SCHLITTLER & CO. AG confirms the acceptance of this offer by e-mail to the customer. It is only with this assumption that a contract is concluded. This automatically generated order confirmation is not a promise that the product is actually available or can be delivered. If the goods ordered by the customer are not available in the desired quantity or at the price indicated on the SCHLITTLER Webshop, SCHLITTLER & CO. AG will get in touch with your company as soon as possible and reserves the right to terminate the contract.
Orders and agreements made by telephone shall only be valid if they are used by SCHLITTLER & CO. AG in writing by mail or by e-mail.

5. Payment modalities

The customer must pay the ordered goods. The following terms of payment are available:
- Purchase on invoice
- advance payment (post or bank deposit to a post-check account)
SCHLITTLER & CO. AG reserves the right, for each order, to restrict the aforementioned means of payment or to oblige the customer to pay via other means of payment

6. Revocation right

Within 5 days after delivery, the customer may, without giving reasons, step back from the contract. The deadline is respected if the customer has declared the revocation in writing or by e-mail and returns the goods (date of posting).
The goods are to be returned in the original condition, unused and undamaged as well as in the original packaging at the expense of the customer to the following address: Schlittler & CO. AG, Franzosenstrasse 76, 6423 Seewen.
The right of revocation shall only be effective under the conditions set forth in this clause.
After receipt of the goods returned in the described condition, SCHLITTLER & CO. AG will refund the value of the goods to the customer. Shipping costs will not be refunded.

7. Customer's obligation to inspect

Delivered goods must be checked immediately for correctness, completeness and integrity. Should faults in the delivered goods be present, the customer shall, at the latest 5 days after reception of the goods, inform SCHLITTLER & CO. AG by post, by e-mail or by fax about the defect. The deficiency has to be exactly defined.
In this case, the customer may return the rejected goods in the original condition, unused and otherwise unharmed, as well as in the original packaging to the following address: Schlittler & CO. AG, Franzosenstrasse 76, 6423 Seewen. SCHLITTLER & CO. AG warrants the customer the goods value paid, after checking the goods complained of, as far as the inspection by SCHLITTLER & CO. AG shows that the defect in question is effective. In addition, any claim for reduction, conversion or compensation, as far as legally permissible, is excluded. Changes by the manufacturer to his product or to the packaging do not represent a defect. In addition, the customer forfeits any rights of defects in case of improper use of the goods.

8. Guarantee and manufacturing guarantee

SCHLITTLER & CO. AG strives to deliver goods in perfect quality.
The two-year warranty period from the date of delivery is always valid, whereby SCHLITTLER & CO. AG may provide the warranty by means of rework or replacement, alteration or reduction. The invoice receipt is considered a guarantee.
So far as the manufacturing guarantee is covered by the warranty on the part of SCHLITTLER & CO. AG,
The warranty does not include:
- wearing parts or parts which have normal wear and tear by the use of the article; These can be ordered on request as spare parts on request;
- parts which suffer a defect due to poor or not regular maintenance of the product or due to heavy contamination;
- damage caused by overuse, e.g. Weight, heat, etc .;
- Damage caused by incorrect manipulation;
- external circumstances such as damage to the element, moisture, fall, impact, etc.

9. Privacy and data security

SCHLITTLER & CO. AG generally treats user data confidentially and in compliance with the principles of the Swiss Data Protection Act (DSG). Detailed information on this can be found in the corresponding data protection statement of SCHLITTLER & CO. AG.
SCHLITTLER & CO. AG uses user data within the SCHLITTLER Group, but only passes on user data to third parties if this is absolutely necessary for the fulfillment of its obligations in connection with this website or if it is obliged by law to do so.
SCHLITTLER & CO. AG provides for modern security measures to prevent loss, misuse or alteration of information and personal data. Depending on the sensitivity of transmitted user information, SCHLITTLER & CO. AG automatically sends an unencrypted or encrypted communication via the homepage
SCHLITTLER & CO. AG however excludes the liability for loss, misuse or alteration of information and personal data as far as legally permissible.

10. Disclaimer of liability

SCHLITTLER & CO. AG excludes liability for goods and services to the extent permitted by law. In addition, SCHLITTLER & CO. to the extent permitted by law, excludes liability for third-party content and offers linked to this homepage.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Access to the SCHLITTLER Webshop, product orders via the SCHLITTLER Webshop, these General Terms and Conditions and any legal disputes arising therefrom as well as all legal relations to SCHLITTLER & CO. AG are subject to Swiss law. The Vienna Sales Law (CISG) is explicitly excluded. The court of jurisdiction is Schwyz, Canton Schwyz, Switzerland; Subject to other mandatory jurisdictions.

Seewen, 01 January 2018

Last update: Jun 16, 2024 at 2:13 AM
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